The 4 Most Important Things About Me

Yesterday, I posted about my childhood and about how it was an actual a childhood instead the cheap imitation “childhood” that many children today experience (Let your children go outside and don’t give them an iAnything. They don’t need it and it takes a away their creativity and attention span. Also, it puts children at risk for becoming the worst half of Tumblr users). 

I also posted about being Canadian (I love being Canadian and I do my best to avoid American culture for several reasons), as well as having grandparents (They’ve given me a perspective on life that most other twentysomethings won’t have until the become sixtysomethings).
The fourth but really first most important thing about me is my belief in Jesus. I was babtized before I turned one, was confirmed at fourteen, and I am currently looking for a new church. This is difficult, but I know it’s worthwhile. I’m non-denominational and those church seem to be in short supply.

I mention the above because my faith is the most important part of my life and it guides everything else I do. I realize some people will make assumptions about me, but I knew I should mention something anyway. I shouldn’t hide things about myself out of fear that people will make incorrect assumptions.

Another benefit to sharing the four most important things about myself I that now my blog has a foundation…almost. I might write about the fifth most important thing about myself if I can figure out how to write about it in detail.


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