10 Life Lessons from My Grandparents

Generations go back and forth. A lot of kids today have older parents. My guess is that they’ll have kids younger because they’ll find that there are some disadvantages to having older parents. One generation later, their kids will have kids when they’re older because they’ll find that there are some disadvantages to having younger parents. And so on and so forth.
My parents were 20 and 21 when I was born. I had six great-grandparents and the three that passed away when I was young died fairly young themselves. They were only in their 70s. Now I only have one great-grandparent. She’s 100. She’s the only elderly relative I have.

All four of my grandparents are living. My grandma and grandpa (paternal) are 75 and 77. My nana and grandad (maternal) are 73 and 71. My maternal grandparents live in Vancouver but I talk to them a lot and they come to Calgary constantly. My paternal grandparents live in Calgary. I talk to them every day and visit them at least once a week.

Knowing people from age zero to age 100 has given me a more realistic perspective than I would have had otherwise.

Here are some lessons my grandparents and great-grandparents have taught me. How do you know it’s good advice? Because it’s probably going to annoy some of my fellow millennials!

1. Marriage takes work and compromise. I’m sorry to do that to you. Here’s your participation trophy for showing up to this blog post. Well done!

2. Everything you do online should benefit you offline.

3. You’re not elderly until you’re 100.

4. The ability to keep one’s mouth shut, whether online or offline, is priceless.

5. Social justice activists are hilarious, but that’s all they offer.

6. If you’re entire life is #InstagramWorthy, it’s not worth living.

7. “Follow your passion” is terrible advice . . . 

8. . . . as is “put yourself first.”

9. In fact, the path to mental wellness lies is sacrificing your time and energy to help other people.

10. Sorry, Colbie Caillat. Looking good on the outside can contribute to you feeling good on the inside.


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