F*** It, I’m Writing

There are a lot of rules in life. Some are worth following and some are not. Some people make the rules, benefit from the rules, and then tell other people that they shouldn’t even bother trying because they’ve changed the rules.

The Gluten-Free Girl, an apparently popular blog that I’d never heard of before yesterday, recently gave an interview in which she offered this pearl of wisdom:

“Blogs don’t really matter anymore.”

Apparently, people can get attention online through Instagram and other social media. The internet will eventually be 75% video and obviously video recipes are preferable to written recipes.

You have to love people who benefit from something, then turn around and tell everyone that something is dead and they should give up.

I was depressed about the gluten something’s interview until I realised, “Wait a minute. I’m not blogging because I want to make money. I’m blogging because I want to write.” Whether or not whats-her-face is right about blogging is irrelevant. I’m blogging because I love writing.

This is the millionth blog I’ve started and unlike previous first posts, I can’t promise I won’t abandon this. I don’t think I will. After spending months trying to come up with a name better than For the Sake of the Cheesecake, I couldn’t. So, I’ve gone from self-hosted to WordPress.com and I’m letting go of any blogging rules put forth by those who now claim blogging is dead.

Before today, I thought I couldn’t blog until my life was perfect, but my world isn’t always #INSTAGRAMWORTHY. That’s fine. I want to publish a memoir and I think a perfect life would make for a pretty rubbish memoir. “And then her life was perfect. The end.” Obviously, life isn’t perfect, but I’m writing anyway.


2 thoughts on “F*** It, I’m Writing

  1. diannejacob says:

    Just keep going, Charlotte. After so many years of blogging, Shauna wants to make money. She sees how other people obsessed with food are making it with visual skills, not writing. She’s still going with her blog, don’t worry.


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